Sunday, April 17, 2011

We ran....

We did the Zoo Run on Saturday. My 2nd 5k attempt postpartum and it was a success (we ran the MADD walk last weekend). Not quite as quick as I used to be, but I still finished it in 31 minutes which isn't too bad. Taylor ran the 10k first, then we did the baby switch while I ran the 5k. The Zoo Run is probably my favorite race of the year that we do....the first mile you run through the actual Fort Worth Zoo and get to see the animals out first thing in the morning which is always cool. I can't wait til Zoe is a little older and we can become regulars at the zoo.

We had an action packed weekend. Lots of family were in town (Taylor's Lubbock peeps were in town to go to Six Flags and his Aunt Linda and Uncle Roger were visiting from California to see Papa Scott and Grandma Kel) so we took Zoe all over town seeing everyone and going out to eat.

Proud Papa Scott

It was a beautiful weekend weather wise so we even squeezed in some patio time and worked in the yard. We have to enjoy "spring" while it lasts, even though it has already hit 90 on several days. It's almost that time of year when I really hate living in Texas b/c it gets so dang hot.

Margarita Time!

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