Monday, March 14, 2011

2 months

Zoe turned 2 months old on Friday the 11th. Went to the pediatrician to get her first big round of vaccines and it actually wasn't too bad. I think Daddy and I were more scared of the shots then she was, and baby Tylenol definitely got her some good naps after the fact. We also decided to see if we could pull the plug on the 2 am feeding and it worked. We've now had 3 nights in a row of 9+ hours of sleep which is awesome! And she even pulled it off in the pack n play since this week we're housesitting for some family friends for spring break. I just love that she is a go with the flow baby- for now at least....did I just jinx myself?!? Let's hope not!

2 month stats:
Weight: 11 lbs, 3 oz (63%)
Height: 22.5 inches (57%)
Head: 39.2 cm (63%)

So pretty average as far as size goes which I guess is good! On a sadder note, this is my last week home with my little Z. Go back to work on Monday which I'm kinda torn about. I am ready to see all my work friends and have an identity besides just Zoe's mommy, but I am so going to miss being with her all day. And I'm trying not to stress about the schedule and her breastfeeding. I plan to pump at work which lets pray goes ok...(hopefully I won't be in trial right at the beginning b/c I can just see it now, "excuse me Judge, can the State have a brief recess? My boobs need a break." don't know if that's a valid excuse but lets hope it flies) I am so thankful that Taylor is going to spend the last 2 weeks of March with Zoe. It will definitely make the transition to daycare in April much easier. I'm just bummed b/c I feel like we have our schedule down pat and now it's going to all change. And I have no idea how I'm going to pull off getting up in the morning to get myself dressed and in a suit (should probably try those on to see if they even fit!) and getting Zoe fed and dressed and entertained. But I guess working moms all over make it work so I will figure it out too! (I foresee a post soon on this...stay tuned!)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daddy's 1st Marathon

Taylor ran the Cowtown Marathon on Sunday, 26.2 miles in under 5 hours. Yay for him! We went out and cheered him on at mile 21 and he was hurting quite a bit but he persevered and made it to the finish. So proud of him!

As for me, my goal is to get back in 10K shape. I'm following this 6 week postbaby running schedule where you run a little bit more each day. Did a whopping 4 minutes yesterday with 22 minutes of walking intervals in between! You'd be shocked at what a difference pushing the jogging stroller makes though...I was pretty spent just from that. I have a long way to go to get back to normal but I'll keep you posted.

Bath Time

So Zoe is beginning to really enjoy bathtime...her 1st one was quite traumatic but now she just kinda sits there and lets us pour the warm water all over her. We put her in this bathrobe tonight and I just had to take pictures...why an infant needs a bathrobe I have no idea but I thought it was pretty cute. Taylor said she looked like a little boxer ready to fight!

My 1st Playdate

Today Z and I made a trip to Dallas to visit my great friend Mary and her darling 6mth old boy, Finn. We went to lunch at Matt's (Mommy got to have a rita and sit on the patio....fabulous!) and then went back to her house for some playtime. It was so cute to see Z with her future BF Finn! I think they really hit it off :)

Now What?

I grabbed on to the rings like you told me Mommy....

So now what?

How do I let go???

Mommy had to help and the blankie calmed me down!