Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a big success: we experienced a lot of firsts over the weekend.

1) Zoe went to Joe T's for the 1st time (the patio there is surprisingly very kid friendly...we were surrounded by little ones! And on a sidenote, it may be just me, but I now notice kids out wherever we go...and I take note of what stroller they're in, or what carseat, etc. There's just so many baby gadgets and accessories out there and you never know if you bought the right stuff or not. And then I wonder how old is that kid? And especially, how old is that kid b/c her mommy looks way skinny which means she's GOT to be older than Zoe b/c her mom looks way better than I do...she must be at least 6 months! This as you can see is a struggle for me, the whole mommy comparing thing...and I promised myself I wouldn't get caught up in the "my baby's doing this....what, yours isn't...oh it's ok, she'll get there" thing. But I digress, back to Easter stuff....

2) First Colonial easter egg hunt experience (it lasted all of 5 minutes and Reed was over it with a whopping 3 eggs in his basket...they did however have an adorable petting zoo with baby piglets and ducklings and the works- let's hope Zoe is into animals b/c I'm already planning the photo op next year!)

3) First time Zoe went to church (and she sat through the whole service minus the last 5 minutes!)

4)Zoe wore her 1st smocked dress and she looked like Little Miss Fancy Pants....I have to admit, I used to be skeptical of all the frilly dresses and bows and whatnot, but now that I have a little girl of my own, they are just so fun to dress up! Although I do think they should be reserved for special occasions (I mean, I can't really drop her off at daycare in a dress that is just going to get drooled on and potentially pooped on). And you should have heard the pep talk I had with Zoe before we left for went something like, "please please girl whatever you do, do not have a blowout in your new fancy dress! Just hold it girl, for me, you can do it!"

So lots of dragging Zoe all over town again...this is becoming quite the norm as far as our weekends go. But she seems to enjoy it!

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