Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I have a new crush...

Rhett Butler! What a perfect man...and yes I mean the character Rhett Butler not Clark Gable. I recently finished reading Gone with the Wind for the first time and oh my goodness, it was fabulous! Now yes, it was quite lengthy and took up the majority of my maternity leave to read, but it was so worth it. And we just watched the movie last night and it made it so much better (kinda like Harry Potter, you just don't fully appreciate the greatness until you've read the books). All the characters are just so wonderful. My favorite is Miss Melanie, she is just such a good hearted person and even can find the good in Scarlett. And of course, Captain Butler, some may think he is a dirty old scoundrel, but I just love his spirit, his wittiness, his intelligence (of course it was stupid to think the South could beat those damn Yankees!), and the fact that he falls in love with Scarlett, despite all her shortcomings, aahhhh I just love it.

If you haven't experienced Gone with the Wind go do so now!

(Do you like how I'm pretending I actually have followers to my blog other than my few handful of friends and family that actually check this thing?! But seriously, take my advice on this one!)


  1. HEY! I am one in the handful and have taken your book advice before. I have NEVER read GWTW but have it on my list now. :)

  2. GWTW was on our mommy book club list until one of the moms saw how long it was, so i'm impressed that you got through it...we watched the movie with scarlett when she was just a few weeks old so she could see who she was named after ;)