Saturday, June 15, 2013

Concert in the Garden

We went to our annual concert in the garden this June.....this year we went to Woodstock night.  We were a little nervous how Zoe would do....I was afraid she wouldn't sit still once the show started but she did great.  We had an awesome spread of food, Zoe and Ethan got to run around and play, and then once the music started we all laid out on the blankets and enjoyed the night.  Will definitely keep the annual streak nights like this!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hiking Adventures

So we finally invested in our own baby backpack and backpack cooler.  Taylor and I have been wanting to get out there more and now that Zoe is a little older I think she really appreciates it.  We went to Eagle Mountain Park yesterday and had a little picnic by the lake.  Zoe got to run along the shore and even did a little hiking on her own on the way back when she grew tired of the pack. 

Here's the shot from the first time we went.......................and here's how she's changed in 1 year.  Can't really see her face but trust me, she was having a great time.  She kept feeling Taylor's neck and saying, "There's water on your shirt Daddy."   Water= sweat from carrying a 30 lb toddler around :)
goldfish and raisins on the "beach"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dad's 73rd Bday Celebration

On June 1st, Dad celebrated his 73rd Birthday...we had never thrown him a real party before so we decided now was definitely the time.  We invited all his golf group up to the club and had cake and drinks.  It was perfect and it was so good to see him surrounded by his friends.