Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dallas Arboretum

So there is this amazing art exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum right now....Dale Chihuly is a colored glass sculptor who incorporated these huge pieces into the gardens and the natural setting.  It was gorgeous.  I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't gone yet, and now I want to go back at night and see the glass all lit up!
checking out the frog fountains

splashing with Daddy
playing in the hay
When I say show me your teeth trying to get her to smile, this is the face I get
pumpkin house
like father like daughter
 Cinderella carriage....she was less than impressed
 some of the Chihuly glass....

this shot makes my heart sing

 sitting Indian style in the tepee

 playing in the covered wagon 
I mean, isn't that cool?!?

 checking out the pretty glass on the infinity pool
she loved looking at the water fountain...
then she realized there were fish in there too!
and then she really didn't want to leave them.
 "come on Mommy, let's go"

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flashback Halloween

 FWC Party 2011...not a happy camper
and just one year later....all she needs is Rapunzel to make her happy!  She doesn't need her mommy anymore.....wwwaaaaaaahhhh!