Wednesday, March 14, 2012

14 months

ok, mom, I'm ready
that was alright....
oh wait, don't tickle my feet, mommy!
Yay! Maggie even joined us!

So for the past couple of weeks, Zoe has been super snotty, coughy, and a little cranky. Not enough for us to be worried, we called the doc once and they said it sounded just like her allergies again, but it finally went on long enough that we took her into the doctor yesterday. And surprise, surprise, another ear infection! I don't know if it's just our kid or what, but I wish someone had told me about these damn ear infections. Pretty much anytime Zoe gets a runny nose that lasts longer than 2 days it turns into an ear infection. And I think we've finally figured it out...anytime Zoe is the least bit fussy, we try to cough it up to teething, or sleepy, or something else, but from now on, I'm just gonna go ahead and bet on her ears. Day 2 of antibiotics and Zoe is already back to her chipper, perfect self...see exhibits 1-5 above that were taken when we got home from work today. Doc said if we can make it til summer the allergy season should be over and we'll hopefully be in the clear so we'll see about that. Kinda wish we had just done the tube surgery months ago so we wouldn't have to worry about this and wouldn't have to constantly be pumping drugs into her, but oh well, they always seem to do the job. (of course, in hindsight, if you had asked me that 6 months ago, I would have told you that tube surgery sounded like the scariest thing ever and we were avoiding it like the plague!) But for now, we've switched to Zyrtec from the benadryl so we'll see how that goes. And just so I remember, she weighed 23 1bs, 9 oz on 3/13/12. :)

This just makes me smile

Zoe's after bath curls

Seeing double

These two look more like brother and sister than they do cousins....I love it!