Monday, April 11, 2011

3 months

Today is Zoe's 3 month birthday....she seems to be growing like a weed! No official stats until our 4 month doctor's visit, but I think she's close to 13 lbs now. She is very into her hands, mainly just sticking them into her mouth and chewing on them. She drools a lot...all those bibs are coming in handy now. She has mastered the bumbo and loves to sit in it while daddy sings or mommy cooks. She seems to be a hit at daycare...they say she only crys when she's hungry or tired and that she's a very "peaceful" baby. She's sleeping through the night, normally 9- 10 hours in a row! I can't help but brag but she's just so easy. We're definitely getting spoiled over here. God help us when she actually gets sick for the first time or gives us any trouble b/c so far she's been a little angel.

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