Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zoe turned 3!!!

Can't believe our baby is 3 already.  As of 1/21/14, she was 32 lbs, 2 oz (65%), 37 inches tall (49%) and all girl.  Her favorite food is donuts.  She loves to sing out in the morning, "Hey Daddy,  maybe we can go get donuts" and thinks it's hilarious every time.  Now that we've moved, we no longer have our beloved Bluebonnet Bakery right down the street so it's a little more difficult to fulfill that request but she's not letting that stop us from eating them.  She also loves pizza.  This year, for the 1st time, we threw her a big girl party and let her invite a few friends.  We rented the party room at Mama's Pizza and had a great time.  Adults got to drink beer and socialize and the kids got to pig out on pizza and color and play so it was a win win for all. She dressed up as Ariel, her favorite princess, and didn't take the dress off the entire day.  I've since had to hide it in her closet b/c otherwise I think she would live in that thing.
 helping Mommy bake her birthday cupcakes

 I inadvertently bought trick candles, Zoe was determined and perplexed at the same time

And on top of all things girly like being obsessed with princesses, necklaces, crowns, etc., she is already planning her wedding.  She comes home from school every day and tells us she is going to marry John Patrick, her "boyfriend" at school.  Her teachers have this bin of dress up clothes and captured this gem for me....I can already see me using this pic in her wedding video some day!!!  She is truly 3 going on smart, so vocal, and makes us laugh and shake our heads at the stuff she says every day.