Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We have a 2 year old!

How is that possible?  Probably the only good advice that any parent will give someone who is about to have a baby is "blink and they'll be going off to college....they'll grow up before your very eyes."  Cliche but oh how true this is....we can't get over how our baby girl is turning into this tiny adult.  Talking up a storm, forming sentences, realizing that we have to watch what we say because she really does listen and can understand pretty much every word.  It is all so exciting.  To think that she went from this....

to this......


Some of Zoe's favorite things right now: applesauce (aka pureed fruit in a pouch), yogurt, any movie with a princess in it (still loves Nemo and Shrek although the princesses are quickly gaining a lead), reading books- sometimes she even prefers to "read" them to herself and will go through the entire shelf, reciting her ABCs and singing Twinkle Twinkle or Row your Boat.  She loves twirling and dancing and music, but don't you dare sing over her or she'll say "STOP Mommy!"  Her official stats are 27 lbs, 0.5 oz(55%), 33.5 inches (50%), and head 47.5 cm (50%).  So she's not quite the chunky monkey she used to said she's probably leveled out a bit but don't be surprised if she goes through another growth spurt.  

Here are a few more pics from her princess party.  We had just a small family affair- she loved playing dress up with her cousins and thought blowing out the candle was the coolest thing ever.

 the bubble party favors were a big hit!

 I think Christmas definitely broke her in as far as gift opening went....she was a champ!

 this look cracks me up!

Zoe with her 2nd cousins, Jessie and Jackie

Happy Birthday Zoe....we love you!!!!