Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas really is such a wonderful time of year.  It is so amazing to see it through the eyes of a child, and I just love that each year gets better and better with Zoe.  This year she could definitely open her own presents and realize what was for her, although keeping her on task was a little more difficult b/c she just wanted to play with whatever she just opened.  But we were very blessed to be able to spend time with all our families, and Zoe took it all in like a champ.
We started it off with Christmas Eve at VV's house.

 she loved showing off her new clothes
 testing out her new piano from VV

 got lots of new puzzles to play with
We did Xmas morning at our house just the 3 of us- opened our stockings and got to play with more toys before heading to Carter's.
 Lady and the Tramp was a big hit
 Maggie managed to step over all the presents and hide behind the tree during the thunderstorm before it started snowing

Papa Scott and Grandma Kel at Carter's for brunch

 can't go wrong with a tutu skirt
 doesn't know what to think of the snow
Then we ended the day at the lake

Trying to get our annual pj picture is proving much more difficult as they get older

but they had fun being kids!

Chinese Lantern Festival

State Fair Park in Dallas has a great chinese lights display going on right now.  We went the week before Christmas with the McLarty/Ferguson gang and had a great time.  Highly recommend...

 looking up at the lights in awe
 it took all of 3 seconds before Daddy had bought his princess this crown!

 Ethan likes the dinosaurs

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Pig

So our awesome neighbors Juan and Jayme throw the best parties....this year they threw a Christmas party for the kiddos, and like many people I know, their kids had already seen numerous Santas this year and the act was getting old. So what did they do....they invited over Santa Pig of course! The kids loved it and it was by far the most unique holiday party we've been to!  Thanks Juan and Jayme!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breakfast with Santa 2012

The Annual Fort Worth Club Breakfast with Santa
 Her face says it all....
 You're telling me this phone calls Santa?!?
 Making the Xmas ornament...her favorite part of the whole day.  She's turning into one artsy little girl....wouldn't even give the petting zoo behind her the time of day.  She would have stayed at that table the whole time if I let her.

 Who is this guy???

 Found Nevis at the buddies!
and now I'm ready to go home and crash for 3 hours!