Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nolan's Wedding

And we're on to wedding #2! My best friend and roommate from college, Kate Nolan, got hitched on September 8th in Baltimore. We got in on Thursday, went to Camden Yards and saw the O's beat the was pretty intense! Those O's fans get pretty into it!

 the bride and groom!
Then it was on to the bridesmaid's luncheon and rehearsal dinner on Friday...

My 3 best friends from Vandy reunited all together again...1st time we'd all 4 been together in over 4 years!!  We need to get better at that...and move closer together.  Baltimore, Baghdad, Memphis and Fort Worth....just a little too far away from each other for my taste!

cigar bar at the wedding, of course!

 I wish the Iphone took better pictures at night

 I love you Nolan!

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