Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Matt's Wedding

Labor Day Weekend we went to Denver to celebrate Matt's wedding, my good friend from high school.  It was a great few days away from it all in a city that we love more and more each time we go.  This was now our 2nd annual Denver Labor Day trip....we went last year for the Phish show and somehow this year Taylor convinced me to let him drive to the Phish show in OKC and then he drove on to the Friday show in Denver.  I flew in Saturday morning and then we drove the wonderful 12 hour drive back after the wedding on Monday.
View of downtown Denver from the top of our hike that we went on as soon as I landed
 brunch at Snooze in Lo Do

 We managed to squeeze in a Rockies game

 my kind of afternoon lunch
 at the reception
 Natalie and Matt

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