Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tube Surgery

So yeah, we caved and finally got tube surgery for baby girl's ears. After we finished that last round of 10 day antibiotics, Zoe got worse and we took her back to the doctor. We got referred to Dr. Burkett, a pediatric ear/nose/throat guy, who confirmed that Z did in fact have tons of fluid in her ears that if we didn't get out could lead to hearing loss, so that was about all we needed to hear to decide to opt for the surgery. And it was about time, I think we had pumped just about all the antibiotics into the poor thing that we could.
We had the surgery at Cook's on Thursday. It was probably one of the saddest days ever, but it also made us feel incredibly fortunate to know that Zoe was otherwise completely healthy. We both knew that the surgery was totally simple and she would be completely fine, but it was still very emotional and scary waiting for her to go under anesthesia and wondering what if. Luckily we got to see all the other families in the waiting room that went in before us so we got to see what to expect. They put a little nose spray in her that made her all groggy, then they wheeled her off (at which point I completely lost it) and 15 minutes later we were talking to the doctor and hearing that all went well.
We got home and Zoe slept for an hour on my mommy moment ever! When she woke up, she was pretty much back to normal and off to play with her toys. We haven't looked back far so good and she seems completely healed. We go back in this week for post-op but hopefully all will stay good and we'll be in the clear from here on out.

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  1. Oh my gosh - I totally hear you on this... Going to the hospital makes me SO thankful that my child is healthy, but I would be a complete nut if Julia had to go into surgery. I know it's simple as can be, but I would have lost it too! Glad she's bouncing back well and I hope this helps her ears!