Tuesday, April 24, 2012

15 months

So I'm a little behind on this one, but I wanted to record Z's stats before I lose them forever.  At 15 months Z is: 23 lbs and 11 oz (60th %), 30.5 inches (50%) and 46.8 cm head (75%).  So not much new in that regard, but oh my lord, ever since the tube surgery, she is like an entirely new kid!!!  So much happier and generally all around in a better permanent mood.  And her vocab has taken off like crazy...I guess it really helps to not have your ears all plugged up with fluid!  She can say: bubbles, dog, Daddy, Mommy, cracker (or crackie I should say), baby, ball, hi, bye bye, night night, no no (she especially likes to say "no no" to Maggie when she's trying to steal her food).  She can point to all her facial figures, loves grabbing her toes and finding her shoes.  She is obsessed with this Your baby can read video we have and will dance along with the songs.  And as you can see, she loves putting on her tutu at appropriate times like before bed and when we're getting ready to go to school.....love this kid!

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