Saturday, November 5, 2011

Zoe's 1st Halloween

Z's first Halloween was a huge success. We started the festivities on Thursday by going to the Fort Worth Club's annual Halloween party. We met Dayna and her kiddos and had a great time. They had all these little treats for the kids, including a pink pony that Zoe was not a fan of.

Then on actual Halloween, her school had a big trick or treat parade. They loaded up the little ones in the bugaboo and walked around the neighboring businesses and handed out candy. It was so fun....Taylor and I really had a great time seeing all the little ones in their costumes and meeting their parents. Zoe had a costume change b/c she puked all over her ladybug costume at the club so luckily we had a hand me down from Ethan....and I think I even liked it better!

Nevie's saying, "I'm telling you Zoe, the chicken came before the me"

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