Monday, November 14, 2011

Whhhaaaatttt? 10 months old- really?

So Friday was Zoe's 10 month birthday...we only have 2 onesie stickers left, tear! She is getting to be so much fun. She recently moved up to the infant 2 class with all the crawlers. She is babbling up a storm, she likes to roar at us actually. She is crawling with her butt back up in the air like she wants to stand up so I feel like she might be an early walker. Her teacher, Miss Carmen, said she actually took 2 steps the other day but I didn't personally witness it so I'm not counting it. She takes 2 bottles of formula at school and is on table food with the occasional puree for the rest of it. (Side note: we made it bf'ing a little over 8 months, then one day there was this biting incident which may or may not have required a bandaid so I shut down the milk factory after that! I was sad at first but then I quickly got over it. It's amazing how liberating it is to be boob-free! And even though I didn't make my goal of a year, I did make it post6 months working full time which was quite the feat so I feel good about it. Ok, enough about my ta-tas....moving on.) Back to eating, her gag reflux is ultra sensitive so we have to be careful with how much she gets at one time, but she has still yet to refuse any new food and will eat whatever we give her. She's been going through a bit of a sleep regression lately, waking up pretty much nightly around 3 am which is not cool. I'm thinking it might be teething- her top 2 are about to break through- but who knows. She'll take a bottle and go right back down most of the time, but still, I miss the 5:30 am wake up call in which she would take a bottle and sleep til 8 (it looks like a war zone most mornings by the time we leave for everywhere trying to keep her entertained!)

Bear, you so funny!

10 months v. 6 months

Wanna go for a drive?

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