Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patio Party for my 30th

We had our first party on our new patio and it was a huge success. We had a bunch of friends over to celebrate my 30th bday and we watched football outside and enjoyed fall even though it was 85 degrees on Saturday!. There were a ton of kiddos and it was so fun to see them all playing together. I guess this was our first real party to throw since having Zoe....it's really kind of funny to see how different things are now that the majority of our friends have children. But I love it- I mean look at how cute all these kiddos are!

Clara and Zoe

this picture cracks me up....Zoe and Nevie were playing and then all of a sudden Zoe freaked out!

Caroline, Nevie and Zoe

Ethan and Hayden playing with the car

this ball pit was the best $20 I think we've ever spent!


  1. happy 30th! looks like you had an absolutely fabulous party. =)

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! Your hair is getting so long- looks great!

    Love, LHB