Sunday, October 16, 2011

9 months

So the last few weeks have been crazy...Zoe has been learning so much. 9 months is definitely my favorite age so far. Just in the last few weeks, Zoe has taken off, full speed ahead. She is a crawling machine. It's pretty amazing how quick she is picking things up (literally...ha!). She is crawling from room to room, pulling up on all the furniture, sitting down from the standing position. She loves to follow us wherever we's pretty funny especially when we're getting for work in the morning. One minute she's in the nursery, then she's in the kitchen, then she's in the living room...there's no stopping her! Good thing we have a small house, otherwise I don't know how people keep up!

And it was even apparent during our monthly photo shoot...I could barely keep her still in the chair.

And here's her stats for record-keeping purposes:
Height: 27 3/4 inches (60th percentile)
Weight: 19 lbs, 6 oz (60th)
Head: 45 cm (80th)

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