Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun

We started our annual housesitting stint for the summer which means we get to have pool time! I bought swim diapers and a turtle floatie and got Zoe all decked out! I think I was more excited about it then she was though, b/c she only made it about 20 minutes and then she was over it. And I got paranoid about her getting too much sun since she can't wear sunscreen yet so it was a short lived pool party, but I did manage to get some cute pics.

We also tried our 1st rice cereal the other day. I don't really understand the point of cereal though. It looks like it has the taste of an old sock and the nutritional value is practically null also. But I guess it helps her learn the spoon so we'll keep at it. We tried some bananas today- they were met with equal indifference as the cereal- so I'm hoping as we keep it she will get more into it.


Give me that.

I think I like chewing on the spoon the best.

Zoe has also almost mastered sitting up. I say almost because you can set her down and she'll hold it for a few minutes, but you still can't trust her to not topple over and crying will then ensue. But she's getting there.

I've got this sitting thing down.

I like Roscoe.

And I'm over it now.

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