Friday, June 17, 2011

5 months

So Zoe turned 5 months old on the 11th....I'm a little late with this post I know. That's what happens when Mommy is in trial (and won my 1st capital murder I may add!). Last couple of weeks have been pretty busy work wise but it all paid off.

The Zoester has really been hamming it up lately. We are saying "da da da" just in time for Father's Day. We are almost sitting up by ourself- she can hold it for a few seconds and then falls to the side. Sleeping is still going great- she still is on her back, no rolling over, which is fine by me. The transition to the sleep sack was a breeze- no more swaddles for us. All it took was realizing that once her arms were free she needed something to hold on to after we left. She likes to hang on tight to our fingers and would cry when we broke free, but her little bunny friend has quickly stepped in and taken over the job quite nicely. My friend Kelly was very right about the transitions- they are much more stressful for Mommy than for baby. Now I've moved on to worrying about when to add food, I still don't think she really needs it so we'll probably wait until 6 months or right before she goes to her 6mth appointment.

I feel like this is such a fun age with her....every day we just watch and can see what she is learning. Taylor and I are constantly looking at each other and going, "well, that is new!" It really is fascinating to see how her little brain is developing and taking it all in.

we're having a moment here, can we help you?

I'll take that, thank you

these feet things are pretty cool!

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  1. SO cute! This age is totally fun - glad you guys are enjoying it too! And congrats on the trial, no small accomplishment. :)