Monday, June 3, 2013

Hiking Adventures

So we finally invested in our own baby backpack and backpack cooler.  Taylor and I have been wanting to get out there more and now that Zoe is a little older I think she really appreciates it.  We went to Eagle Mountain Park yesterday and had a little picnic by the lake.  Zoe got to run along the shore and even did a little hiking on her own on the way back when she grew tired of the pack. 

Here's the shot from the first time we went.......................and here's how she's changed in 1 year.  Can't really see her face but trust me, she was having a great time.  She kept feeling Taylor's neck and saying, "There's water on your shirt Daddy."   Water= sweat from carrying a 30 lb toddler around :)
goldfish and raisins on the "beach"

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  1. I'm so bummed--I have a baby backpack we used once I could've given you!!! But I'm happy you went hiking!