Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Girl Class

Zoe graduated to the walkers class this past week. What does that mean? Well, it means we're on one nap a day now (yikes!), no more bottles (packed them all up and we're all sippy and whole milk now), and most importantly, RECESS! Zoe gets to have playground time twice a day now which she is a big fan of (despite the fact that the only playing I've actually seen her do when I pick her up each day is eating rocks, but hey, she ensures me she's living it up.) It's been a transition for both of us....she's cried each day when I've dropped her off each morning which she's NEVER done before, but her new teachers assure me that that's normal and will pass. One downfall is that she is super cranky sleepy when she gets home and is in bed by 7 pm so our time together after work is cut short which I hate but hopefully she'll adjust soon and we can push that back a little.
my new hair do that my teachers gave me...what do you think?

What? You mean you don't go topless when you get home for the day?!?

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