Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You say it's my birthday....

Half birthday that is!!! Can you all believe Zoe is 6 months old- that is 1/2 a year people?!? I can't get over it....the time is literally flying by. I just cannot get used to it.
We went to the doctor this morning (and yes, I had to call and push up the time b/c of course her wellness check fell during a week I was in trial and I was going to be damned if I missed another checkup!) Her stats were good:
- 15 lbs, 15 oz (50%)
- 25.5 inches long (40%)
- Head 42.2 cm (40%)
Zoe has learned so much just in the last few weeks. She is sitting up like a champ now, rolling over both ways, and eating baby food. I couldn't hold out and started foods about 2 weeks ago. Started with cereal, then mashed up some bananas and avocado, then cooked apples and sweet potatoes and pureed them. She loves it all so far which is awesome. I'm really liking making her food from scratch- it's pretty easy and rewarding. I'm so not one of those moms that cares about organic crap, or the environment or any of that stuff. I'm really just doing it because it's cheaper (kinda why I'm sticking with the breastfeeding thing), and I like to cook anyways- so why not cook her something while I'm cooking us something.

(got the new highchair put together)

And speaking of saving money, do you know your pediatrician is just a super source for free stuff??? I mentioned we were going to start supplementing with formula and they gave me 3 free huge-size samples of Enfamil! We had gotten the samples they give you when you have a newborn but this was even better. Now I think we can make it to a year without ever having to spend a dime on formula! My doc said that I should start storing up my BM again so she can have it in the later months when my supply starts to drop so she suggested we do the last feeding of the day with formula, and then I can pump and freeze what I have for later. And on top of all the free formula, they gave us a full size bottle of Children's Tylenol b/c we had forgotten ours for her shots. I know I probably sound like such a nerd now, but I just really love free stuff (anyone that knows me well knows how I'm a sucker for coupons! and getting stuff completely free, be still my heart!)

Anyways, I digress....but life is good, Zoe is healthy, and we just could not ask for more (except for maybe to get our patio finished....if the flagstone guy does not get here stat and finish the job, I might hurt someone!....more on that to come, but lets just say I am very sick of our backyard looking like a graveyard)

can't wait to be able to rock on the back porch!

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  1. such a cutie. how many times did we hear "times flies after you have kiddos" when we were kid-less and now we know it is certainly true!