Monday, December 27, 2010

All We Need is a Baby!

Ok, as of tomorrow, I am officially 39 weeks which means I am SOOOOOO ready for our baby girl to get here! Now that we are past Christmas I feel like it is game on and anytime she wants to get here is fine by me! I go back to work tomorrow and am supposed to work all week unless Zoe graces us with her presence and I so do not know how I am going to get anything done at work because all I can think about is her and how labor is going to be. Although there was no official progress at the doctor last time we went, I feel like my belly gets bigger every day, no make that, every second. So we go back to the doctor on Thursday the 30th and needless to say, if there's no progress still, I am going to be pissed! Everyone think good thoughts and maybe it will pass along some good juju our way :)

In the meantime, here's the official nursery photo I said, all we need is a baby!

The owl pics Taylor got me for my birthday....I just love owls, especially for babies, don't know why!

We had the stripes was the one thing I knew I wanted for the nursery as soon as we found out we were pregnant. And my friend Mary painted us the Z letter which was the finishing touch for above the crib! I just love how it turned out...isn't she crafty?!?

We bought the glider from our friend Amy, and that teddy bear I knitted myself when I was about 4 months pregnant!

This was my old dresser that I had growing up...we painted it white and added Anthropologie knobs. How's that for a hand-me-down!

Ikea bookshelf


  1. it looks really great! i love the stripes painted on the walls - so chic. i wonder how hard that would be to do yourself? adding it to my maybe-in-the-future list of things to explore!

  2. Adorable- and you know I'm loving the owls (go Rice!) Can't wait to see it in person when precious baby Zoe arrives!